Financial Assistance 2015

The following funding bodies welcome applications for bursaries to attend The Pixel Lab. For eligibility guidelines, conditions and deadlines, head to the relevant website. We also suggest looking at your local funding body if they are not listed below. Please note financial assistance is not guaranteed.

Austrian Film Institute

Danish Film Institute

Estonian Film Institute / Media Desk Estonia

AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture
FilmArc Network

Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Netherlands Film Fund

Screen Training Ireland – please contact Emer MacAvin

Macedonian Film Fund

FilmArc Network

Polish Audiovisual Foundation

Emergents Creatives CIC Ltd.
Creative Scotland
Scottish-based applicants considering applying to Creative Scotland for funding support. Any Scottish-based participants in Pixel Lab 2015 who are potentially seeking funding support from Creative Scotland for their course fees, can consider making an application to Creative Scotland’sOpen Project Fund.  Please note however that funding support is not guaranteed and, because of decision making timescales, in order to get a decision on your funding application in time, Creative Scotland would need to receive your application no later than 13th March 2015.  We realise that, at time of application for Creative Scotland funding, you will not have had confirmation from the Pixel Lab that you have a place – but you can still apply.  If you are successful in attaining a place Creative Scotland will be informed and will assess your funding application and give you a decision by the end of May 2015.  If you are not successful in attaining a place, you should withdraw your funding application to Creative Scotland.

Swedish Film Institute
FilmArc Network

MEDIA Desk Suisse

Check back for regular information updates.