Hand-held shot of young woman standing in front of a tall building. She looks into camera and yells “PUT IT ON THE TRIPOD ALREADY!” As she adjusts her lapel mic, the body of a man plummets through the shot behind her and hits the ground with a wet BANG!

The Alexander Wilson Project is an interactive thriller for young adults and culture vultures of all ages, containing ACTION, INTRIGUE and WOW moments playing on every platform you want to be on. (Think Kate Modern meets Mob Wars on the global stage.)

The AWP Story
Browsing 22 year old Alex Wilson’s profile you see a third year media studies student who is at war with his project partner, Becky, over how to make their final documentary project.

Whilst out filming with Becky, Alex records a man falling to his death from a building. When Alex and his best mate Mungo post the clip on YouTube they unwittingly alert the man’s killers that their murderous actions may have been witnessed.

Alex, Mungo and Becky are plunged into a sinister conspiracy that threatens their lives as well as the very existence of their home town, Sheerport. The conspirators will go to any lengths to protect their secrets.

Grabbing YOUR chance to help solve the mystery and save Alex and his friends, you sign up into a maelstrom of corporate intrigue where you pit your wits against a determined and ruthless enemy. Together with the intrepid trio you uncover a massive corporate conspiracy set to bring eco-disaster not only to the Sheerport coast line, but to the world’s oceans.

As you close in on the truth Alex, Becky and Mungo are kidnapped. Can you save them?

What exactly is AWP?
The Alexander Wilson Project
is a high-impact multiplatform film serial that will be played en masse by an entire generation and talked about for years to come. This interactive thriller seamlessly mixes daily video clips, interactive gameplay and ARG techniques to create ‘Rosebud’ moments rivalling successful films and games.