I was born a Shropshire Lad in 1968 and I grew up obsessing about films and music. My first love was a tape recorder and I used it to document and replay the best bits of my world. Upon leaving the farmlands I veered between brief careers in music, stone masonry and film making until an Apple Mac 660AV stopped me in my tracks in the mid 90’s and led me down the golden path to interactive media.

Since then most of my waking moments have been taken up creating interactive stories and I dream up projects that will make good use of the crazy technology we surround ourselves with today.  I currently run ‘Bellyfeel’, a new company based in Manchester dedicated to producing compelling stories in interactive media. Winner of 2 Webby Awards 2008 for Interactive Online film, Crimeface and winner of BBC ‘New IPTV Concepts’ at Content 360 MipTV 2008.