HEART OF THE CITY at The Pixel Pitch

What if the Lord of the Rings met Kanye West?

Heart of the City is a quest narrative set in the world of urban teens: a web series, an ARG, comics, products and a feature film.

Armed with wild imaginations and an acerbic wit, our heroes find a talisman that transforms their daydreams into reality. Just as fast, New York City itself morphs into a vast playground as they explore its many secrets between skateboarding, romance, and momma jokes.

Our story begins when Brooklyn boys Jai and Sash buy a dusty talisman from the cluttered back wall of their local bodega, thinking it might hang nicely from Jai’s chain. But when they discover that it has the power to unlock daydreams – turning them into flashes of reality – the boys find their lives and their paths forever changed.

In their mind’s eye and on our screen, Jai and Sash skate with Tony Hawk and freestyle with M.I.A.. Sea monsters now swim the Hudson as they cut deals in boardrooms and back alleys.

And as their adventure unfolds, Jai and Sash discover that the talisman has the power to reveal the holder’s greater destiny.

But the talisman’s power comes with a cost, and as Jai and Sash roam the city trying to unlock its mystery, dark forces align themselves to steal it from them. In an early test, the two survive a brush with a sultry schemer. Later, Jai finds himself in a battle of wits with a shank-wielding veteran and must bare his soul to survive. But when an evil hanger-on steals the talisman in a sneak attack, Jai and Sash are crushed, their dreams deferred.