Born 1981 in Montpellier, Nadja Dumouchel grew up between France and Germany and has never stopped moving between the two cultures ever since. She studied visual culture in Brighton, journalism and literature in Berlin and cinema in Valencia. She started writing as a journalist but soon discovered that fiction can be more powerful than factual narration to reflect upon and express reality, which led her towards the field of cinema. She worked as a programmer for the Arte magazine Court-Circuit/Kurzschluss and was involved in various short film projects as a commissioning editor.  She stayed in the field of short fiction, working for the international distribution and production company Premium Films in Paris, before going back to join Arte in the feature films section in 2010. Based in Strasbourg, she now contributes to the development of international film projects in collaboration with Arte Germany, working closely with authors and directors on scripts. She also oversees nine short films produced every year by the students of the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris (European production masterclass taking place at La Fémis and Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg), as well as of the corresponding web project on Arte Creative.