Inga Von StadenInga works as a media architect, educator and coach for the creative industries. She directs the four-year-studies programme Interactive Media at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, training students to develop and produce transmedial content. Her special interests are the impact of digital technology on business and society – how to utilise digital technology to enhance the media business and how digital media can empower sustainable action for the environment and our society. She is also an assessor for media technology development with the funding programme PROfit of the Investionsbank Berlin.

Inga has written and lectured on a range of subjects, among others The Story That Writes Itself – On Artificial Intelligence, Games – Where Media and Technology Meet, User Generated Content – Community Based Media or Limitless – Animation Meets the WWW. In 2011 she choreographed Dok.Leipzigs Cross Media Networking Lab.

Inga studied Agricultural Science in Jerusalem and Film in New York. In 1995 she migrated into the digital media realm holding a wide range of jobs as an author, content designer, creative producer, consultant and lecturer on games, the Internet and mobile applications. 1999 she set up projectscope, a media consultancy. After founding and directing the European MEDIA funded programme, the academy of converging media at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie, in 2001 she joined the regional media council, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and from 2003-07 she coordinated their activities in support of the new media sectors. In 2009 she trained to become a certified coach with the South African College of Applied Psychology.