Mads Damsbo graduated in 2010 as a media director from The Danish School of Media and Journalism. At the same time he became a member of the progressive film association Super 16, an autonomous group of filmmaker talents. He is currently the chairman of this independent flock.

Before founding the company Makropol in 2011, Mads was editor and film producer for The Danish National Gallery. Here his work has pushed the ambitions of the gallery’s communication strategies, in terms of thinking cross-media and working with new technologies such as augmented reality and geo-tracking.

Currently Mads is fostering Makropol where he acts as creative producer and media director on various projects. His main focus is to find the silver lining between film, games and web and every new project is a chance for him to explore the possibilities of this intriguing path. Recently Mads has been working with Copenhagen Phil to create a user-generated interactive music video, which is being funded through a commercial partner.