Camille possesses two degrees: a PhD in Modern Literature from the prestigious Sorbonne in Paris and a Masters in Business Science with a major in Project Management. This special combination of studies brought Camille a unique understanding of literature on the web, its new creative and narrative challenges, as well as a great understanding of web marketing tools.

The first part of Camille’s career found her in several advertising agencies, all specialised in new media. She began as a project manager at Inoxia, moved on to become marketing director of an e-commerce website and recently was recruited by Websiteburo as sales manager.

Across all these experiences, she was able to explore all of the e-marketing aspects of a project, the technical implementation of such projects (system architecture, coding, open source lover), web design implications (integration, UIE, accessibility) as well as community management.

In March 2010, she designed Addicts’ narrative architecture, the first ever web fiction co-produced by ARTE and Mascaret Films. This was Camille’s career turning point : she eventually returned to the narrative challenges on the web, artistic creation and discovers transmedia projects. Back to her roots!

With her soon-to-become business partner Méline Engerbeau, they build the entire transmedia architecture for Addicts. While Camille works on the concept, she also drives all the operations related to the transmedia production : planning, technical developments, artistic direction, building a relationship with ARTE and the producer, sponsors’ research, press relations, broadcast of the online content…

After this incredible adventure, Camille decides to move full time onto transmedia. In July 2011, Camille Duvelleroy and Méline Engerbeau founded the transmedia’s architecture company : Once_Upon.

Camille likes to pitch herself as the story architect PIIETS : Planning, Intuition, Intelligence, Ergonomy, Technic, Storyboard. She builds transmedia projects, imagines immersive experiences, drinks a lot of tea, clicks everywhere (a serial clicker?), designs wireframes and manages the project’s teams. And she loves it big time.