I’m a Strategy Director at creative agency, Mother, where I oversee our work for The Coca Cola Company. I believe that commerce and culture can live happily and fruitfully alongside each other and I work with brands to make this a reality. We try to work ‘culture’ back, understanding a brand’s impact on, and reception by, culture and working to make a positive contribution. This often involves creating a piece of popular culture –  the film Somers Town for Eurostar or the graphic novel Four Feet from a Rat for Time Out. It also involves creating compelling ideas and stories that can flow across the media landscape and across a number of channels, not fit into one.

Recent examples include the stories of Cactus Kid and Rubberduckzilla for the Oasis brand. Both campaigns used elements of the transmedia planning model spanning the narratives across a large number of channels and harnessing consumer conversations as a channel in its own right.