Over the past fifteen years The company P’s senior designer, Martin Elricsson, has instigated, written and designed more than twenty pieces of participative art ranging from reality games and Shakespeare adaptations to massive Sci-Fi and Fantasy larps. Other projects include pedagogical games illustrating alcohol policies and problems in the Swedish social security system. He is an enthusiastic speaker and has presented papers at several games research conferences as well as fan events. Elricsson’s recent work includes four years of pervasive games research at the Interactive Institute’s Game Studio, culminating in the creation of The company P and The Truth About Marika, the world’s first fully integrated participation drama for Swedish Television and Dollplay for 20th Century Fox’s show Dollhouse. Future projects include Teva in collaboration with Tim K.

Elricsson’s style is perhaps best described by quoting movie critic Johanna Koljonens review of the Hamlet-project: “… highly political, yet heartwrenchingly personal; debauched, crossing the line, player-altering as well as intimate, fun, and very, very sad.”