Seb joined Artangel as web editor in October 2008 before becoming a producer in April 2012. He is now responsible for developing Artangel’s growing array of digital content and projects, including much of the material that emerges from the one-bedroom, boat-shaped hotel A Room for London.

Recent commissioned and/or produced projects include an online multimedia trail of story traces for the group of non-existent artists who featured in Ryan Gander’s installation work Locked Room Scenario; digital material to support And Europe Will Be Stunned, Yael Bartana’s acclaimed trilogy of films about a not-quite-fictional political group; and A Ship Adrift by James Bridle – a virtual airship powered by real weather conditions. He is currently working on four new digital-enabled works to be launched in October.

Prior to joining the organisation he was co-director of the communications agency Seb & Fiona Ltd. He also works as an editor and writer, and his first book The Breakfast Bible will be published by Bloomsbury in 2013.