Tim Travers HawkinsLondon-based Writer and director Tim Travers Hawkins spent his teenage years playing in underground garage bands before deciding to move to Buenos Aires where he trained as a filmmaker whilst working with activist groups and piqueteros. His mentors were maverick filmmakers Fernando Birri and Pino Solanas and he then went on to shot his first films in Argentina, Colombia and Cuba.

His unique and inventive approach to documentary fuses multimedia visuals and audio in creative and innovative ways, pursuing techniques and visual styles to find new ways to tell stories. He likes ‘impossible’ ideas, and has developed his own brand of ‘No Access’ documentary: seeking out the places where conventional documentary methods cannot go and inventing new creative techniques to overcome these obstacles. His multimedia film 1000 Voices based on phone calls he made to detainees in immigration prisons in the UK won Best Animation at Krakow Film Festival and was nominated for the British Animation Awards.

He has recently gone into interactive. His crossplatform documentary Invisible Picture Show included an interactive doc and a live performance at the UN in New York and has been nominated for the One World Media Awards 2014.

His skills as a storyteller and documentarian have lead him to work on diverse projects from video games to music videos and he is always looking for new ways to push boundaries and mash up genres in new and exciting ways. He works with a some of the most cutting edge producers in the world, from companies such as Pulse, Darjeeling and Faction.