Djina Jakir (born September 12, 1987 in Dubrovnik, Croatia) after classical gymnasium, graduated from University of Zagreb, Croatian Studies, majored in public relations.

She’s currently enrolled in masters studies in audiovisual and multimedial production  at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.

She is vice-president and co-founder of the film organisation Motion (

She works at Studio dim as a junior producer.

Previous relevant experience:

  • drama director’s assistant at Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2011 and 2010
  • executive producer and scriptwriter on documentary series Generation Y currently running on Croatian National Television
  • (HRT)assistant producer at production company Focus Media (section: casting for feature movie Tereza33)
  • Croatian producer in a co-production with Germany for short animated film Jure Grando (fund raising phase)
  • has produced 11 short films at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and at Motion

Workshops and education:

  • Insight Out, March 2012
  • EAVE Film Marketing Workshop, November 2011
  • Sarajevo Talent Campus as scriptwriter, July 2009
  • Screenwriting workshop Palunko, October 2009