Throughout his 12 years in the creative sector, James has dedicated himself to exploring the potentials of technology as a medium for story. Honing his visual storytelling, concept and character design skills in commercial media, working for such luminaries of the production and advertising world as Partizan and Saatchi & Saatchi while developing a diverse, private portfolio of IP (that’s stories to you).

In 2006 he secured funding from Fleming Media to set up and manage Ash Pure studios, to produce and direct six animated episodes of his digital comic Thamesis. The property, now fully back in the creator’s control, has developed into the transmedia, epic, urban saga The Lion and The Unicorn, incorporating the web, print, social networks, installation and experiential performance.

In 2010 James took his first step into a larger world, art directing the BAFTA-nominated game I AM PLAYR for We R Interactive. James broadened his skill set considerably working with the small start-up team to contribute to all aspects of the property.

Since October 2011, James has invested all his time developing the future of cross-platform, interactive and immersive entertainment (that’s stories too) for all ages.