Fabienne OlivierFabienne Olivier is a digital strategist, a multimedia producer and a creativity booster focused on transmedia experiences and exploring new ways of telling stories. With a background in digital and interactive content, she has over 15 years experience in content creation, project management, and marketing. She holds an MBA from ESCP and a European Masters in the Management of Digital Interactive Services (MEDIA) from INA. Fabienne is an alumni of Transmedia Next 2012 and a member of the committee Beaumarchais – SACD – Orange 2013 for the assignment of writing grants for innovative formats.

In recent years, Fabienne has become especially interested in social media marketing and transmedia storytelling, and especially in how new technologies meet new uses in the creation of cross-media stories to engage an online community.

For the past four years, Fabienne has been collaborating with the production company Memento on various audiovisual and transmedia projects. She is responsible for finding ways to expand a brand’s universe and engage the audience in new experiences. She developed Nouvelles Vies (New Lives), which aired on FranceO, one of the first transmedia programmes on French television. As that project’s transmedia producer, Fabienne was also in charge of the narrative architecture and design experience across web and mobile platforms (Nouvelles Vies is a 10 x 26′ documentary series with web and mobile components.)