After graduating in Chinese studies in Paris, Guillaume Podrovnik started working for computer magazines in 1993. After a few years doing graphic design for rock bands, he left for Hong Kong in 1997, where he remained for six years. First as web and production editor of the academic journal Perspectives Chinoises, published by the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China, then as a freelance cartoonist for the Hong Kong-based magazines HK magazine, Apple Daily and bc magazine. He then moved on to do storyboarding and script writing for HK animation films, before coming back to Paris in 2003. He designed and programmed the e-commerce website of the online store Goeland Productions, then became IT director of the AEF online news agency. He then started with friends the Subrealism Manifesto project, doing the web-radio comedy programme News from the future and publishing a comic book, Everything Must Go! (Danger public, 2007). In 2009, he created Subreal Productions in order to produce web projects bringing together his friends from the web industry, cartooning, and radio. Since then he’s produced the web documentary Argentina, the Most Beautiful Country in The World by David Gormezano (Arte GEIE, 2011), he’s currently producing a 90’ history documentary for Arte France, General Ishiwara Kanji – The Man Who Triggered The War by award-winning director Paul Jenkins, and the web companion to it, Anne Frank in Candy’s World by Alain Lewkowicz, both to be released in autumn 2012.