Ray Maguire is Chairman Interactive Opportunities (iO). Interactive Opportunities (iO) is a new company formed to act as a provider of digital platforms and content to the education sector.

Ray’s career in the Games industry started with Virgin Mastertronic in the late 1980’s. When SEGA (UK) was formed he became a Sales Manager and had the pleasure and privilege of introducing the Mega Drive and the world of Sonic the Hedgehog to UK gamers.

Ray joined Sony Electronic Publishing Limited in 1993 as Director of Sales for Europe. Sony Computer Entertainment was formed in 1994, and in 1995 Ray was promoted to Managing Director of SCE UK to manage the launch of PlayStation. In 1997 Ray was again promoted to Vice President/Managing Director and, in August 2002, he was appointed Senior Vice President/Managing Director of SCE UK. In addition to the UK, Ray oversaw all the sales and marketing activities for the regions of Ireland, Nordic and Benelux.

After 17 years of running PlayStation, Ray left to become Chairman of Interactive Opportunities (iO).