Ildiko Kosztolni_HBIldiko Kosztolni is a TV journalist, expert in international relations and media, founder and CEO of iamnewhere Kft. (Ltd), a company created for the production of new media projects. Ildiko has worked as an executive/creative producer and content developer at Duna TV and later HirTV where she was in charge of political and cultural programming. A producer, among others, of Celpont a programme which won the award for Best Investigative Reporting in 2006. Ildiko takes part as media analyst in EU and OSCE elections missions since 2000; has worked in the Balkan region, the Ukraine, Latin-America, Africa and in Arab countries. Graduated in 2010 with an MA in Europe’s most prestigious filmmaking institution, the Media Business School in Spain. Since 2008 is an active participant at European workshops on cross-media or trans-media, dealing with web-based adaptation of audiovisual content and the creation of innovative media platforms enabling interaction and community involvement dominating in new media trends. Presently working on the development of some linear films and multi-paltform projects also.