Martin Elricsson is a game designer, participation writer, LARP organiser, and transmedia content producer.

Over the past 18 years Elricsson has instigated, designed, written and game-mastered more than 20 pieces of participative entertainment and art. Ranging from online transmedia games and interactive Shakespeare adaptations, to massive sci-fi and fantasy live-action role-playing games.

His design philosophy is based on letting participants shape his stories from the inside, allowing them to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Elricsson is an experienced public speaker and interactive actor. He has presented papers at games research conferences and entertained at fan events with equal enthusiasm.

Elricsson’s recent work includes four years of pervasive games research at the Interactive Institute’s Game Studio, culminating in the creation of International Emmy (R) award-winning The Truth About Marika, the world’s first fully integrated participation drama, and four years as lead creative at The company P.

Elricsson has been instrumental in the design and performance of the web-dramas Dollplay and Conspiracy for Good, working with Hollywood showrunners Joss Whedon and Tim Kring.

Elricsson’s writing style is perhaps best described by quoting movie critic Johanna Koljonen’s review of the Hamlet-project: “… highly political, yet heart-wrenchingly personal; debauched, crossing the line, player-altering as well as intimate, fun, and very, very sad.”