David is a writer and producer whose work encompasses a huge range of media. Starting as an award-winning filmmaker and playwright, he moved into radio drama and began pushing technological boundaries with The Parson, the first ever digital radio play to use the scrolling DAB text as part of the story. In 2005 he joined Mind Candy as an in-house writer on Perplex City – an international ARG with a £100,000 prize. Taking on more and more production duties, David was heavily involved in the Frozen Indigo Angel ARG that saw Perplex City cross over with BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival.

He left Mind Candy in 2007 and worked on a number of interactive projects for the BBC and Channel 4, before joining nDreams last year to produce the world’s first console-based ARG, Xi. Based in Sony’s virtual world PlayStation Home, Xi was an epic logistical challenge, playing out in five languages over three months with new developments almost every day.

David is now producing a global ARG for a major sports brand at nDreams, to be launched next year. In what he laughably calls his spare time, he continues to write and design interactive projects for the BBC.