Julie Adair started working in broadcasting with BBC Scotland and spent 10 years working in the BBC and commercial television.  There she researched, directed and produced a range of television content, from American football to 3-D animation, from award-winning children’s shows to documentaries. After stints in Atlanta, New York and Glasgow, Julie got involved in the BBC’s embryonic moves into the web, relocating to London as Managing Editor, BBC Nations and Regions, Online where her remit was to grow teams, sites and talent across the UK.

Julie returned to Glasgow full-time as Head of BBC Scotland New Media, Learning and Communities in 2000, managing a team of over 70, producing award-winning websites, education programming and, increasingly, building interactive TV, blogs, games and mobile platforms.

In early 2008, Julie moved back to London as Director of Online for the Walt Disney Company, managing teams and output across Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Her primary focus is creating games, original entertainment content and movie/TV websites for 23 Disney sites across the regions.

Julie is a visiting Professor of Interactivity Content and Communities at the University of Abertay, Dundee.