Susanne HoferSusanne Hofer studied Mathematics in Austria, moved to Zurich in her early  twenties and studied Fine Arts and Film/Video at the HdK Zurich.  After  graduating she started working as a cinematographer for fiction and  documentary films. Shortly there after she got the opportunity to work as  an author on an interactive internet project for the Swiss Expo 0.2. Belleville Cyberhelvetia.  Cyberhelvetia was a big community internet project simulating a virtual  Switzerland in search of the identity of “The Swiss” in pre-facebook time. The project’s physical manifestation at the end of Exop0.2 saw a construction of a swimming pool where visitors could dive into the net.

After Cyberhelvetia Susanne Hofer founded flimmern gmbh and has been an  independent Producer & Director with her company flimmern gmbh for 13 years.

She works on art and theatre projects,  produces visuals for shows, small documentaries and short feature  videos for NGOs and museums and corporate videos.

Susanne has been teaching film/video and visual perception at ETH Zurich since  2004 (Department of Architecture).

Since 2013 she has been working on INTOPOLITIKS with Dominique Margot and  Antonia Beamish, starting with a children’s book (Lily the President Is  Late for Work) where as well as being part of the concept team she as also  invented the visual language and illustrations. Together with Dominique  and Antonia they are developing the idea of the transmedia project world of  INTOPOLITIKS.