Nicole Ackermann is the Co-founder and Managing Director of MOUNA, a film and media company that develops, produces and distributes meaningful film and transmedia brands for the international media market with sustainable on-air and off-air revenue streams, helping top international talent and market players to accomplish their vision.

Nicole is an expert for company and media financing structures, skilled in uniting the wants of talent, private equity and/ or bank financing with the complex yet opportunity-rich offerings from inside the film industry and all the pan-European and local film subsidy systems like MEDIA, MFG BaWü or Filmstiftung NRW. Nicole regularly attends major film markets in places like Cannes, Berlin, Los Angeles among others.

Over the years, she has gained a broad professional knowledge reality checking all kinds of company, distribution, sales and production budgets in the media trade. She safely transforms such numbers into working production processes as a producer.

As a consultant for management and financing solutions, Nicole advises entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies about how to shape their business affairs in ideal ways.

Nicole’s recent pick for themes to work on in media is increasingly influenced by her fascination for great management and everything influenced by the teachings of Joseph Campbell, Gestalt psychology, science based mind/ body consciousness and spirituality studies. She is also interested in sustainability related topics and organic food and farming related ventures, which she gets engaged in repeatedly.

Nicole is also a passionate driving force in the field of transmedia content for the international marketplace, content that serves clearly defined, broad audiences through all available distribution channels.

Her previous work in international film production and distribution includes very successful hands-on independent theatrical film releases for award-winning directors like Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky, Christian Frei, Philip Groening, Philipp Stölzl, Göran Hugo Olsson amongst others. She has been attached to titles that regularly appear in and out of competition at international film festivals including Berlin, Cannes, Sundance, Locarno, Toronto. Studios like Sony Pictures Classics or Paramount have also benefited from her expertise.

Before founding Mouna, Nicole was co-founder and managing director at Kinostar Distribution, at that point a German domestic theatrical distributor and world sales company specialised in applied economies of scale on broad niche market content. Nicole was also partner in Kinostar Theatre, a German theatrical exhibitor chain serving mainstream and arthouse cinema. As part of the management team there, Nicole was responsible for programming the entire cluster of theatrical screens. Curating the programme selections, she negotiated with studio partners like Warner, Universal, Sony and leading independents such as Prokino, Constantin, X-Filme, Senator among others. Nicole also shaped the creation of a private film fund and played a significant role in setting up Kinostar’s film world sales activities.

Nicole holds a diploma degree in Economics (Dipl-Oec.) from the University of Hohenheim.

An avid ceramist, Nicole currently lives close to family and friends in southern Germany together with husband Sascha, her large book collection, two magnificent cats and her own herd of sheep.