Vincent LucassenVincent Lucassen was born in the Netherlands. He studied sociology at the University of Wageningen and worked as a lobbyist in Brussels. After finishing his studies at the Media Academy in Hilversum he moved to Vienna where he set up the production company WILDart FILM, together with Ebba Sinzinger. In 2001 he co-founded, the Association for the Austrian Documentary Film. In 2004 he created DocuZone Austria – a collaboration between rights holders to promote films in the age of digital. DocuZone was part of the world’s first international digital cinema network: CinemaNet Europe (Media Pilot Project). In 2011, Vincent joined Under the Milky Way. Under The Milky Way is a leading service company dedicated to the digital distribution and marketing of films, and facilitates the process of releasing and exploiting feature films, closely curating their marketing and editorial positioning in order to maximise their visibility on VoD platforms like iTunes, Google and Qriosity. Vincent aggregates movies from and into Russia, Eastern Europe, Turkey and the German-speaking territories.