Egbert van Wyngaarden

Egbert van Wyngaarden is a Munich-based screenwriter and transmedia author. With his company TRANSMEDIA DESK, created in 2012, he develops stories and intellectual properties that can unfold across various media and platforms, and helps other storytellers, companies and brands in doing so. His focus is on the creation of compelling characters, plots and games, with a keen eye on the development of revenue models capable of sustaining transmedia ventures.

Egbert studied law and business administration in the Netherlands, the UK and France. Working with companies such as FESTIVAL D’AVIGNON, GAUMONT and KIRCH NEW MEDIA he gained extensive production experience in the fields of theatre, television and online entertainment. In 2004 he decided to pursue his passion for writing. He wrote and produced the short film Teddytester (2007) at HFF Munich Film School and authored the feature film ZWERG NASE (2008).

Appointed Professor of Screenwriting at MHMK Munich in 2011, Egbert is also a jury member of the German prize for crossmedia innovation in TV-programming and founder of the interdisciplinary network of media professionals Transmedia Bayern. He lectures on the craft of storytelling in the 21 st century at several universities in Germany, including HFF, LMU and TU Munich, and writes on the same topic for Blickpunkt:Film and other publications.

His working languages are English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.