Patrick is the managing and creative head of the Berlin-based media developer and producer, kunst-stoff GmbH and the founder of the company. His work is characterised by visionary thinking, accuracy, high aesthetic demand and social entrepreneurial values. He holds a degree in communications design (MA) and has worked in the areas of media, design and games culture since high school.

During his Masters of Arts in European media at the University of Portsmouth, he spent two years in San Francisco and worked on interactive games for Tree-Axis and researched online multi-user environments for games.

In the 1990s, after receiving his academic degree from the Merz-Academy in Stuttgart, he worked for the design agency TRIAD in Berlin and developed media in space projects for clients such as Bertelsmann and the Bayerischer Rundfunk. Since 2005, he has been self-employed under the label kunst-stoff, a company he founded in 2008.

Patrick is the producer and creative director of all kunst-stoff’s games and supervises and inspires the creative work of all the company’s projects. He brings the creative power to kunst-stoff’s games for which they are known.

Under his supervision as producer and creative director, kunst-stoff developed the award-winning adventure learning game Galaxy Racers for the Nintendo DS, which was brought to the international market by the publisher Ubisoft. The game won awards including Hamburg Game Award, the German Developer Award as Best Childrens’ Game 2010 and was nominated for the German Computer Game Award 2011.

Patrick initiated and supervised the production and creative work on kunst-stoff’s self-published action puzzle game The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic which was released in summer 2011 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as for Mac/ PC. The game has already won many awards such as the German Developer Award for Best Mobile Game 2011,  the red dot design award and the German Computer Game Award as Best Kid’s Game (although the game’s core target group is 20+).

Patrick is currently focusing on developing the The Great Jitters IP into an international brand and cross-media project, including more casual games for different platforms, a TV series, comic books and licensing/merchandising.