Anne Laurila (Bachelor of Arts) founded her own production company, Vaski Filmi Ltd, in 2002. As CEO and a producer in the company, she has worked with various documentary productions, but also carried on her Masters of Science studies at the University of Oulu.

After domestic documentary releases Your Support and Holy Father, she started to build up her international networks among the film industry and is a graduate from Twelve for the Future and EAVE training programs.

In 2006 she joined POEM Foundation, a regional resource centre for the audiovisual industry, as a production advisor. Since then she has been involved in the in script, development, financing and production phases for various feature films, documentaries and short films. Since 2008, she has focused on company development within audiovisual industry, aiming to build up more sustainable business with resources provided by an Interreg project, FilmArc. Since then, her involvement has expanded into game, format and service businesses and today she is head of development at POEM Foundation. She is the head of studies for all training activities supported and carried out by POEM, as well as being in a lead in building up international relations, especially into Asian markets.

Since October 2006, she has been the representative of POEM foundation at CINE-REGIO, the largest network of regional funds in Europe.