PortraitsValerie Abita, producer, has run the documentary department (more than 30 programmes) of Sombrero & Co, a French indie, for six years.

She is in charge of docu-fiction and documentaries for all of the major French broadcasters. Her main interest is in programmes about, science, environment, adventure, art & culture and sometimes factual subjects.

Her experience has steered her towards international co-productions. The best example is her last production, When the Egyptians Sailed on the Red Sea. This docu-fiction received the financial support of more than 10 different channels from around the world (ARTE, BBC, WGBH Nova, Discovery Canada, NHK, ORF, RTBF, SBS, TSR…) and was a success for each broadcaster.

This film represents perfectly the kind of project Valerie Abita is interested in: very strong and original subjects from a writing and narration point of view, close to fiction and offering real human adventure.

At the beginning of 2011, Valérie joined ZED as a producer. Her last productions: U-455, the most submarine, 52’ (ARTE, Blue Ant Media, RSI); The vaccine according to Bill Gates, 52’ (ARTE, TV5 Monde, RTVC, NRK); Game Over, 52’ (ARTE, TV5 Canada); Building Wonder of the World, 3 x 90’ (ARTE, Nova Wgbh, Viasat, RSI, TV5 Canada). She is President of Pariscience, the International Scientific Film Festival in Paris.