Hans VercauterHans Vercauter lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

He was hooked on film from early on. As a youngster, three ‘Snickers’ and a film with each was more or less the perfect Saturday breakfast as far as he was concerned. A point of view not always shared by his mother at the time.

Hans graduated as a film director from the RITS, school for audiovisual and performing arts in 2002. His graduation short Flat41 was very well received, and awarded with the ‘best debutante’ prize at the International Short Film Festival “Leuven Kort”.

While starting out in the film business, Hans was awarded a scholarship to attend the UK’s National Film & Television School. In this brief but intense workshop he had the opportunity to learn in practice how to work with actors.

Soon after, Hans started to work as a commercials director. He has worked with all major agencies in Belgium, and more recently signed with Paris-based Chez Eddy, a studio specialised in mixed media work. His work is known for its strong comedy, often in combination with 3D animation.

Hans attended the SOURCES 2 program to develop a TV series, and has completed a TV drama series. More recently Hans was involved in the development of several TV concepts, and has written and directed his short film Wolfsmelk with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund. Needless to say that as a director, Hans is someone who is always on the lookout for new challenges.