Ray Maguire joined PlayStation (then known as SEPL – Sony Electronic Publishing Limited) in 1993 as Director of Sales for Europe.  Ray was instrumental in setting up the infrastructure of SEPL in Europe prior to the establishment of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as a separate company.  In 1994, Sony Computer Entertainment was formed and the following year Ray was promoted to Managing Director of SCE UK.

Now, the President of SCE in the UK, Ireland and Nordic, Ray is responsible for all sales and marketing activities of the UK & Ireland PlayStation Divisions and their operational functions.  His position as Senior Vice President and Managing director UK was extended to include the Nordic region in 2003 and the Benelux region in 2007.

The UK launch of PlayStation 2 in 2000 replicated the success of the original PlayStation – the first time in this market that a second platform had maintained market leadership, thus taking computer gaming entertainment to a new level. September 2005 saw the launch of PlayStation’s first foray into the handheld market with the PSP (PlayStation Portable).  With over 9.5 million PlayStation 2s currently installed in UK homes and well over 3 million PSP’s, the challenge for Ray and the Sony PlayStation team now turns to the new PlayStation 3 – described as a ‘supercomputer for the home’ – which, in 2007, had one of the most successful hardware launches ever.

Ray has also been made a trustee of BAFTA and has an active involvement with the BAFTA Video Games Committee.