Claritta KratochwilI love film. Moving pictures fascinated me from the very first time I saw one, and influenced me in numerous ways. I recall working my first shift on the cash desk of a cinema, me and the projectionist being the only guests. La Strada on the program and a happiness I will never forget the moment, when the curtain opened, this wonderful film started and I somehow felt that I had a part in it, merely by working in the cinema.

It’s the magic of moving pictures and storytelling that drives my ambition. The ABC of JCC is a project where not only a spellbinding protagonist draws us into a world of the very enigmatic classical European cinema, but which also offers the unique opportunity to travel the path of transmedia in an open and daring way.

Claritta was born in Gotha, German Democratic Republic back then, in 1977.  The fall of the Berlin Wall opened up all kinds of opportunities, so after attending High School in Casper, Wyoming, USA, she started studying and graduated with an MA in Contemporary History, American Literature and Art History from Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena in 2003.

After that she started her professional career as a cultural manager for a short film festival in Weimar. She has worked in the film industry since 2004. She has run through nearly every stage of production – feature film production, starting as production assistant over unit manager up to production manager.

She has been working with Ostlicht Filmproduktion since 2005, on a daily basis since 2010. Among the unforgettable projects are Where in this World, a music video for the band NOTWIST featuring Sandra Hueller and August Diehl; White White World, a coproduction with Serbia and Sweden, that was awarded the Silver Leopard at the Locarno Festival, as well as TILT, a Bulgarian-German coproduction that was the Bulgarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film of the Academy Award® (OSCARS®) in 2012 and The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears, an Eastern European coproduction featuring Victoria Abril.

Claritta Kratochwil is a graduate of TP2-Talent Pool 2008 and participant of EuroDoc 2012, Regional Group Germany. She is the creative producer of The ABC of JCC since 2012.