Bjarke Hjorth holds a Masters degree in Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen. His work experience spans media strategy and consumer insights in the advertising industry, to working with marketing, communications and distribution of cultural products both in Denmark and abroad. Previously, he has worked as a director and creative producer on a number of short films and commercials, before he found his calling in cross platform gaming and storytelling.

Bjarke has worked in several cultural industries. He has been a freelance writer and art critic with Now Magazine in Toronto, where he also worked on the Massive Change exhibition with Bruce Mau Design at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. From here, he went on to work in communications and the marketing of cultural products at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New York, before he returned to Copenhagen to finish his Master’s Degree, where he wrote his thesis on emotional mechanisms in advertising videos from a neuroscientific point of view.

Working strategically at large cultural entities such as the Danish Film Institute and the Danish National Gallery, Bjarke has gained valuable experience in seeing the possibilities in cross-media and how to create meaningful partnerships and synergies fusing different media platforms and storytelling techniques. After graduating, Bjarke enjoyed a brief time in advertising where he worked as a strategic planner with a special focus on digital and social media. Recently, Bjarke has taken a strong interest in gamification and the application of funware and game mechanics to everyday activities, such as coffee making, the daily bike-commute and business card stacking.