Colleen began her career in film publicity, working on unit publicity and distribution campaigns for such films as Wish You Were Here, A World Apart and Scandal. In 1991 she moved to LA, where she became Director of Development at WMG, an independent that developed and financed films such as The Uusal Suspects and Paul Thomas Anderson’s directorial debut Hard Eight.  She went on to get a taste of the studio world on the Bruckheimer action film Con Air, before working for several years as a writer. She returned to the UK in 2001 to become Head of Development for Michael Kuhn’s Qwerty Films.

Whilst at Qwerty she developed a slate of projects including Severance and The Duchess and oversaw production on Qwerty-financed films such as David O Russell’s I Heart  Huckabees and Richard Eyre’s Stage Beauty. In 2006 she became Head of Creative Affairs at Pathe Productions, where she oversees development and production on all Pathe UK films. Films she’s worked on during her tenure at Pathe include Noel Clarke’s sleeper hit Adulthood, Slumdog Millionaire and Jane Campion’s forthcoming Bright Star amongst many others.