Sara WaldestamAlphaville Executive Producer and Partner 2005
Producer of over 200+ media productions of which several have been nominated and awarded in international competitions. My job is to be responsible for staffing and securing the right resuser agreements, customer contact, follow-up, time management, budget responsibilities and agreements with subcontractors for all our productions. Executive producer on short films and TV series such as Showtajm (Swedish National Television) and Family Search (Nickelodeon Scandinavia).

Swedish Institute – Project Manager I Consultant 2005-2009
Project manager for a cultural exchange program between Sweden and East Africa. Film production, education and screenings. Parallel to my work at Alphaville, I have worked as a consultant for the Swedish Institute. My role has been to find ways for projects to run with partner programs in countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. The projects have included co-financing film production, organised film screenings, seminars and film programs in these countries.

Site Management I Action Base Project Manager I Consultant 2000-2003
Internet Concept Development – developed and optimised our client’s businesses through the Internet. I worked as an account manager and project manager and was responsible for the process of creating and implementing new and effective products and features to our customer’s websites.

Relevant education
•    Masters Degree in Human Resources Development (University of Umea) 1994-1998
•    Film Theory A & B level (University of Stockholm) 2003-2004
•    Film Production (University of Trollhattan & Film I vast) Six-month workshop, 2003
•    International film financing,  distribution & legal framework 2007 (At INA in Paris)