Richard Glynn In 2011 Richard spotted an opportunity emerging through the convergence of the internet and TV and driven by the growth in mobile and tablet devices. This led him to start-up a new cross-media production company in 2012; Studio POWWOW. POWWOW is a new breed of production company with a focus on Game Development, Animation Production and Transmedia and is currently in development and production of a number of new multi-platform entertainment brands. It’s first major mobile game The World of ShipAntics will be launched on iOS and Android in February 2014, with a web-series and TV series to follow.  Consequently, Richard speaks frequently at conferences all around Europe on the future developments and convergence of Media Production industries including games and animation and also in new digital strategies and alternative routes to market.

Richard first came on the scene with the release of his first produced short films No Strings Attached (Dave Chapman, 2005) and The Parish Letter (Cat Little, 2006).  It was off the back of these successes, these shorts that he was snapped up by Boulder Media in 2007 to work as a Production Manager for JAM Media’s 26X11’ Funky Fables (2007).  On the successful completion of this series Richard began work with Kavaleer Productions where he ran the pipeline a lead production manager on the critically acclaimed 26X11’ episode series Garth & Bev.

Richard gained recognition in the Irish animation industry as a highly sought after Production Manager and Consultant Producer and he affirmed this recognition by gaining a 1st class honours Masters in Management degree from Smurfitt Business School in 2010.

Following his completion of this degree, Richard went on to produce a number of live action commercials before returning to the animation industry to work as Line Producer at JAM Media overseeing operations on the British Animation Award winning 52X11’ Episode series Tilly and Friends.