Tanja Schmoller (1)Tanja Schmoller studied Digital TV and Multimedia Art Film Producing at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria. Both courses combined film and new media topics with the approach for the creative production process. Thereby the unique strategy of working on multiple platforms covered every aspect of thinking, developing and working with all forms of media.

Her ability and good feeling for creative and long-term projects is paired with a substantial knowledge of the production process and her ability to lead and coordinate multidisciplinary teams.

After her studies she produced the award-winning feature film Neben meinem Bruder (San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Vegas Independent Film Festival, Crossing Europe Film Festival, Denver Indie Film Festival, Landespreis Salzburg, Korona Karpat Film Festival) and worked in film research at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam, before joining GBF in December 2012 as cross-media producer. Tanja’s main task at Gebrueder Beetz is to develop/write cross-media projects, to manage the production of cross-media projects (currently the Culture File app, and Apartment in Berlin social media campaign), to represent Gebrueder Beetz on the national and international market, and to strengthen the company’s professional network on a national and international level.

Since she joined GBF she has taken over the production of the “Wagner-App”, and the “Beethoven-App” (both part of the cross-media project “Culture Files”); she developed the online strategy for the cross-media project “An Apartment in Berlin” (film, exhibition, Facebook campaign), and was involved as co-writer in the development of the serious game “Vikings (WT)”.

Tanja will be the lead producer for the project, with production scheduled for Summer 2013.