Victoria MapplebeckVictoria is a writer and multimedia Director and Producer.  She has directed and produced films and series for cinema, TV and the web, and has received a variety of project commissions from The Arts Council of England, The Cultural Capital Exchange, ARTE, Film Four and Channel 4.

For the last fifteen years Victoria has worked in cross platform documentary. She wrote and directed British TV’s first cross platform project – Smart Hearts, a TV and online documentary series made for Channel Four. Smart Hearts combined filming two couples with constant web cam access, which streamed from their homes for over eighteen months.  Described as ‘hypnotic and compulsive’ by The Guardian, Smart Hearts was nominated a New Media Indie Award.

Victoria has written and directed many films for cinema and TV, her broadcast documentaries include Channel Four’s Meet the Kilshaws, selected for the documentary category of the Grierson Awards and described by The Guardian as ‘a fascinating piece of Television’.

Victoria’s current project Text Me part funded by Channel 4 and Creativeworks London, is an animated documentary, and multi-platform storytelling project, exploring the multitude of stories and memories hidden in our phone memories. Text Me won The Merging Media Prize for Best European Project in competition at Power to the Pixel in 2013.

Victoria also writes media criticism for The Guardian, The Observer and Dox magazine. Her writing includes a chapter in The Tabloid Culture Reader, (McGraw Hill – 2008) exploring the impact of technology on identity and social interaction. Victoria is a social media expert and is regularly interviewed for BBC and Sky News. She also lectures regularly at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Banff New Media Institute, The London Film School, The Royal College of Art and Royal Holloway, University of London.