Monique is a Cross-media “believer” and a pioneer who has been working in this field for 10 years. An entrepreneur with a broad background working across various media outlets, her focus is on cross-media strategy and transmedia productions.

She was a Special Adviser for cross media policy for the Directorate of the European Commission IST until 2006. She is a member of the professional organisation IPAN, a platform member creative communication at VNO-NCW and is on the Board of Commissioners of We Upgrade.

Her company vision at Dondersteen Media is:

Some people think we are flesh and blood.
Scientists say that of atoms.
But we are made up of stories.
When we die is what remains of us,

The stories of our lives and the stories we have told others.

Stories have always existed. What will change is how we recover consuming, producing and interact with them on a cross media fashion.

And her company mission:

Creating (and helping other to create) stories through cross-media formats.

Building value for customers through intellectual property, product and license rights for strong formats, applications and environments in a converging media arena. Generating multiple income streams.

Monique has worked with clients including Merrill Lynch Venture Capital; Hewlett-Packard and Ernst & Young, to name but a few.

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