The Think Tank 10 October

Canada presents
The Think Tank 2014

Main partner:
Canada Media Fund

Participatory Partners:
OMDC, Telefilm Canada, Bell Fund

Other participatory partner:

Power to the Pixel’s annual Think Tank brings together a collection of international company heads, producers, funds, financiers, innovators, commissioners and consumers to examine and establish new, more sustainable ways of working in today’s rapidly evolving media climate. In a unique setting, we ask participants to question and discuss current business practices in order to create a new set of methods and solutions aimed at enhancing the growth and relevance of new innovative media in the connected world. Drawing themes around new ways of financing innovation and measuring success, participants of the seventh Think Tank, presented by the Canada Media Fund and hosted by Québec House, will work together to answer questions around sustainable funding strategies, working across industry silos and international borders and the ways in which we can calculate impact and response.

Premise: Support and financing structures for developing, producing, distributing and marketing media are, in the large part, deterministic. They’re seen as predefining significant properties of the creator’s vision through setting conditions on platform, medium, format and genre. Clearly a justifiable approach at a time when the industry produced, and the audience consumed distinct forms of media through distinct platforms and channels. However, if such structures are to remain relevant today, where both production and consumption are becoming more and more ubiquitous, they may need to consider adopting a less deterministic approach.

Goal: By the end of the day, to propose a variety of support structures for developing, producing, distributing and marketing media today and to propose structures that stay relevant as audiences change and new ways to engage emerge.

You can find the results of the day in The Think Tank Report available for free here.

The Québec Government House, London
Located in the heart of London, the Québec Government Office has represented the Québec government in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the Nordic Countries since 1962.

Its culture department supports market development initiatives for Québec artists/cultural enterprises in all of the cultural sectors, working with local partners in order to assist the advancement of international partnerships, exchanges, market opportunities and networking.

In addition to the culture department, the Délégation (as it is known in French) also includes an economy department, a political and public affairs department, and the Agent General’s Office. It also houses an investment promotion government agency, Invest Québec.