The Pixel Pitch 12 Oct

The Cross-Media Forum 11-14 October 2011, NFT1 BFI Southbank
in association with the BFI London Film Festival

The Pixel Pitch is the competitive section of The Pixel Market, dedicated to financing cross-media projects from around the world. Nine teams went head-to-head to compete for the ARTE £6,000 Pixel Pitch Prize. A 32-strong jury awarded the top prize to Love & Engineering from Finland’s Kaarle Aho of Making Movies Oy, and Bulgarian director Tonislav Hristov.

The jury was made up of representatives from Artangel | ARTE France Cinéma | | BBC | BBH | Bell Broadcast & New Media Fund | B & W Films | beActive | BFI | Channel 4 | CNC | Disney | Inside Xbox | Interactive Opportunities | Manning Gottlieb OMD | MEDEA | MediaCom | NFB Canada | Orange | Penguin | Pure Grass Films | RTL | Starlight Runner | ShineVu | The company P | Turner | Vice | Wallimage CrossMedia | Warp | Workbook Project |

Watch the winning pitch…

Projects selected for Competition:

1. Cloud Chamber (DEN) Producer: Vibeke Windelov | Director: Christian Fonnesbech | Writer: Darin Mailand-Mercado – Fiction: Online | mobile | TV
A science drama inspired by space. Players collaborate to uncover the story of a young scientist who has risked her sanity and betrayed her father in order to save humanity from itself.

2. Jezabel (FR) Producer: Eric Pellegrin | Director: Julien Bittner | Writer: Julien Capron – Fiction: TV | online | mobile | radio | print | live event
A series about a 19-year old student who posts a song on YouTube – the song soon becomes a big hit. After a producer offers her to launch her career, Jezabel will be torn between two worlds: show business in Paris and the decadent student parties in her city, Lille. How will she handle her fame? A story about growing up, falling in love, finding your way.

3. Lost and Sound [working title] (UK) Producer: Kat Mansoor | Writer/Director: Lindsey Dryden – Non-fiction: TV | online | app
An exhilarating and moving creative experience about the great human love affair with music, through the prism of deafness. It weaves a character-driven narrative – following three people’s re- discovery of music after deafness – with an extraordinary adventure through the science of sound, revealing how music reaches us through the ears and brain when neither work ordinarily.

4. Love & Engineering [working title] (FIN)  Producer: Kaarle Aho | Writer/Director: Tonislav Hristov – Non-fiction: Film | TV | online | mobile
Digital geeks looking for analogue love. One claims to have hacked love, can he help lonely engineers find real happiness?

5. My Little Songs (FR) Producer: Deborah Elalouf | Director: Edith Louis – Non-fiction: TV | online | apps | books | games
Tim, aged 7, has discovered a mysterious magic piano. No sooner does he play, than a variety of characters pop up from the piano to create animated and interactive musical cartoons. Nursery rhymes initiated by Tim will be the starting point of adventures for Tim as well as the viewer/player. An opportunity for young children to discover foreign languages through a fun trip!

6. Process: Cause & Affect (CAN) Producer: C J Hervey | Executive Producer: James Milward – Non-fiction: Online | film | installation | mobile
An interactive documentary and transmedia project that profiles groundbreaking artists who create beautiful works of art using computer code.

7. The First Zombie (CAN|UK) Fiction: online | book | film
Producer: Jeff Norton
A lonely zombie, fresh from the grave, struggles to get back the family life he once took for granted. Sometimes even the living dead deserve a second chance.

8. Tomorrow We Disappear (USA) Non-fiction: Film | Condition ONE | interactive | online | installation
Producer/Interactive Director: Jimmy Goldblum
Since 1978 Delhi’s magicians, puppeteers and acrobats have called the tinsel slum, the Kathputli Colony, home. Last year the government issued relocation permits to the colony residents; the slum is to be bulldozed, cleared for development. Experience the last remnants of a culture borne out of folk traditions and moulded by poverty.

9. We R Democracy (BEL) Non-fiction: Online | apps | games
Producers : Matthieu Lietaert, Jamie Balliu, Nicolas Sauret Co-Directors/Co-Creators: Matthieu Lietaert & Fritz Moser
Have you ever wanted to shape tomorrow’s globalisation? Here is your chance: Become an online lobbyist in Europe! Get to know the hidden part of democracy, meet key protagonists and build your own lobby network. Play a game-like experience that’s also influencing the real world around you!

The Pixel Market is supported by the EU Media Programme. Additional support from BFI, Skillset Film Skills Fund, ARTE, Telefilm Canada, Canada Media Fund, Orange, TorinoFilmLab and BAFTA.

Last year’s winning project, Granny’s Dancing on the Table presented by Hanna Sköld (Co-writer/Director) & Helene Granqvist (Producer) was awarded the MEDIA European Talent Award for Best Script in Cannes earlier this year. Watch their winning presentation…