The Pixel Lab: The Cross-Media Workshop

We’re delighted to introduce you to the 32 successful participants of The Pixel Lab 2014! Coming from a range of different professional backgrounds with a wealth of expertise between them, we have 16 producers attending with their new projects and 16 participants coming without. So, let’s get acquainted…

Participants Attending With a Project

ANNE DREES, Cross-Media Producer, INDI FILM GmbH, Among Friends (DE)
IGOR FÜRNBERG, Producer & Head of New Media, MotionWorks, The Adventures of the Young Marco Polo (DE)
TINA GHARAVI, Creative Director, Bridge + Tunnel Productions, From the Plantation to the Penitentiary: Maintaining The Slave Trade in Obama’s America (FTPTTP) (UK)
RICHARD GLYNN, CEO & Producer, Studio POWWOW, ShipAntics (IE)
TIM TRAVERS HAWKINS, Producer & Director, Invisible Picture Show (UK)
VESELA KAZAKOVA, Producer, Activitist38, River Tales (BU)
LILY LAMBERT, Producer, Cinétéve, Avides (FR)
HOPE DICKSON LEACH, Producer, Magnified Pictures, Overexposed (UK)
VICTORIA MAPPLEBECK, Director & Producer, Text Me (UK)
SUSANNE HOFER, Co-Director & Creative Director, Flimmern, Intopolitiks (SW)
FLAVIA OERTWIG, Producer, Tama Filmproduktion, The Truth About Simon Nino (DE/IT)
MATHIEU PRADAT, Author & Co-Producer, La Prairie Productions, Mystery¿Place (FR)
GÉRALDINE ROD, Filmmaker, CAB Productions, Life on Venus? (SW)
MÁRK SZILÁGYI, Producer, Redland2089, Redland (HU)
EGBERT VAN WYNGAARDEN, Producer & Author, Transmedia Desk, The Florence Foster Jenkins Experience (DE)
CHRISTIAN VANGSGAARD, Film Producer, Kamikaze Film CPH ApS, Murder: CPH (DK)

Participants Attending Without a Project

FEE KRÄMER, Head of Development, LudInc GmbH (DE)
STEPHANIE LANG, Department Manager, Digital Content Funding, Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH (DE)
TINA LEEB, Producer, Alte Celluloid Fabrik GbR, Filmproduktion (DE)
JESSICA LEVICK, Producer, Magnified Pictures (UK)
MAXIM LICHTENWALD, Content Developer & Designer, XTVLAB (DE)
ERINMA OCHU, Transmedia Storyteller  (UK)
JANINA PIGAHT, Documentary Filmmaker (DE)
ERIC PRUNIER , Producer, Imagine Productions (FR)
DANI PURER, Producer, Gebhardt Productions GmbH (AT)
IAN ROBERT-JONES, Founder & Producer, Infinite Jest (UK)
SOPHIE SAMPSON, Producer, Bigstrong Press (UK)
SEBASTIAN SCHLENDER, Games Developer, DREFA MediaService GmbH (DE)
SILVIA STEFANESCU, Creative Producer, Adenium Film (RO)
PETER URPETH, Director, Writer & Musician, Emergents Creatives CIC (UK)
MAURICE VAN BRAST, Content Developer & Designer, XTVLAB (DE)