Application & Guidelines

The Pixel Lab: The Cross-Media Workshop

All applicants must have an established track record in their particular industry sector. This is not a course for entry level participants or students. See who attended in 2012 and 2013.

Please email us at with any enquiries.
Please note that due to funder requirements, participants must be European nationals.

Producers/IP owners with a project –
European producers working in drama, documentary, games, animation and/or new media are welcome to apply with a cross-media project or a project with cross-media potential. Both fiction, non-fiction and hybrid projects with stories that can extend across more than one platform –  film, TV, online, mobile, gaming, interactive, publishing and/or live events – will be considered. There are no budget restrictions and projects will be accepted at any stage.

Professionals without a project –
European commissioners, financiers, funders, writers, directors, interactive designers, story architects, executive producers working in film, television and new media as well as professionals working in sectors such as development, legal, representation, distribution and sales are invited to apply.

There are a maximum of 20 places for producer participants to attend with a project and 20 places for participants without a project.

Applications now closed.


1. All applicants must have an established track record within their industry sector.
2. Producers applying with a project must own the rights to develop and produce the project in all media. We may ask for contractual confirmation that you own the IP.
3. Applications and supplementary materials must be delivered in English.
4. All supplementary material must be delivered within the application form. No additional material will be accepted.
If you don’t have a website, you could try using one of these:

TumblrFlickr | PinterestYouTube | VimeoSlideshare

Please provide relevant urls to content within the application form. It is your responsibility to ensure all links are working within the document

5. All completed application forms must be received by 18:00 BST on 28 March 2014 to
6. Applicants must accept any offer of a place on The Pixel Lab within one week of such an offer. Applicants will be liable for full course fees once an offer of a place has been accepted.
7. All Lab participants must pay the full fee within a month of course start date to guarantee their place.

Applications now closed.

“The Pixel Lab starting point is defined by two things: the calibre of the projects and the cocktail of input lined up to challenge the participants throughout the six days. Strong filtering of projects and project holders ensures a variety of ideas and talent that displays real potential, increasing year on year. A clear editorial by the Power to the Pixel team funnels the participants through a series of thought provoking, inspiring and demanding lectures and workshops that help shape both the attitudes of those attending and the projects submitted.

Relevant and engaging are two of the key words that can be used to both describe the approach taken by PttP team in its execution of the week and the approach the participants are encouraged to take when designing their cross-media projects in relation to their audiences.

All project holders and all attending producers experience a week saturated in input that has immediate impact on the way they think about their own work. The week is so intense that the real benefits are only truly gauged once those participating have had a chance to go away and reflect.
Paul Tyler, Founder of Handling Ideas (DK) – Pixel Lab Expert Tutor 2012 & 2013