The days of sitting back and waiting for a distributor to rescue your film are over.  With the latest social media tools, now you have the power to build your own fanbase, source your own funding and distribute your own movie.  In this workshop we will discuss tools and tactics to understand how to harness the ‘free’ internet.  From Twitter to Facebook, Paypal to IndieGoGo, iTunes to, we will discuss how you can build your campaign one fan at a time.  Complementing the right tools with the right partners is vital to the campaign so we will also discuss the main influencers – bloggers, orgs and brands.  The key to a successful crowdsourcing campaign is to start early and have a clear vision, so let’s get started.

SLAVA RUBIN, Co-Founder, IndieGoGo

Slava Rubin (@GoGoSlava) co-founded IndieGoGo to help independent filmmakers overcome their fundraising challenges. Focused on creating ‘filmocracy’, Slava frequently speaks at conferences and writes on the disruptive technologies impacting the media industry, from finance to distribution. Recent speaking engagements include Sundance, Berlin, SXSW, London, Whistler, & Internet Week NY. Recent projects include producing the short, The Wonder of See-saws. Slava also served as an Advisor to the IFP Film Week and Film Labs.

Prior to IndieGoGo, Slava was a strategy consultant working on projects from start-up go-to-market strategies to corporate execution plans. He offers expertise in audience building, marketing, and DIWO (Do-It-With-Others). Beyond his passion for film, Slava started Music Against Myeloma, an annual charity event raising funds and awareness to fight this rare form of cancer.