Think Tank 15 Oct

This year’s Power to the Pixel Think Tank was dedicated to finding the practical steps that will allow the film and media industries to grasp the opportunities of cross-media change. The group of leading experts discussed a range of options for unlocking the potential that comes with changed audience behaviour, technology developments and new forms of cross-media practice.

The findings will produce an agenda for change intended to inform and influence digital debate around the world. Download your copy here.

Participating Experts

MODERATOR: MICHAEL GUBBINS, Media & Film Consultant and Journalist (UK)

• NUNO BERNARDO, CEO & Producer, BeActive (PORT)
• PETER BUCKINGHAM, Head of Exhibition & Distribution, UK Film Council (UK)
• ELEANOR COLEMAN, Head of Children’s New Media, TF1 (FR)
• JEAN-PAUL EDWARDS, Executive Director Futures, Manning Gottlieb OMD (UK)
• IAN GINN, Producer Hubbub Media (NETH)
• BEN GRASS, MD & Producer Pure Grass Films (UK)
• MICHELLE KASS, Film & Literary Agent, Michelle Kass Associates (UK)
• MAUREEN McHUGH, Writer and Partner, No Mimes Media (USA) – morning
• ROB McLAUGHLIN, Head of Digital & Interactive Production & Strategy, NFB (CAN)
• TISHNA MOLLA, COO & Producer, Power to the Pixel (UK)
• MIKE MONELLO, Co-Founder Campfire, Co-Creator Blair Witch Project (USA)
• BRIAN NEWMAN, Consultant and Former President Tribeca Film Institute (USA)
• ARNAUD PASQUALI, Head Of Promotion And Training, MEDIA Programme Of The European Union (BE)
• SANEEL RADIA, Director of Media Innovation BBH Labs (USA)
• MICHEL REILHAC, Executive Director ARTE France Cinéma (FR)
• JOEL RONEZ, Head of Internet, ARTE France (FR)
• LIZ ROSENTHAL, CEO & Founder, Power to the Pixel (UK)
• AVIVA SILVA, Head of the MEDIA Unit of the European Commission (BE)
• BRENT WEINSTEIN, Head of Digital Media, United Talent Agency (USA)
• FEMKE WOLTING, Producer & Co-Founder Submarine (NETH)