The Pixel Lab: The Cross-Media Workshop

Producers attending with a cross-media project:

Marc Boothe, B3 Media with The Elders (UK)
Tobias Buchner, Zero One Film with Turning Point (GERMANY)
Federico Dini, Doodem with GROUPA (ITALY)
Emmanuel Dumont, Cellules with Tomorrow Never Knows (FRANCE)
Tom Dunbar, Hut V Productions with Resonance (UK)
Laurent Duret, Les Films d’Ici with The Great War / Web Diary (FRANCE)
Olmo Gonzalez-Quevedo, La Claqueta with Art-poetica (SPAIN)
Volker Heise, Zero One Film with The Good Years (GERMANY)
Jean Pierre Magro, Drunken Angel Films with The Tower of Fables (MALTA)
Nikolay Moustakov, Earthly Delights Films with The Yuck! Factor (BULGARIA/UK)
Tina Naber, Kloos & Co with World Wide Waste (GERMANY)
Arash T. Riahi, Golden Girls Filmproduktion with Everyday Rebellion (AUSTRIA)
Lena Thiele, Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion with Culture Files (GERMANY)
Laurent Thiry, Magnificat Films with In Camera (FRANCE)
Sander Verdonk, Lev Pictures with Toon Tellegen’s Maybe They Knew Everything (NETHERLANDS)
Bernhard von Hülsen, AVE with Who is Clara W? (GERMANY)

Participants attending without a project are:

Edda Baumann-von Broen, Producer/Director & Founder Avanti Media (GERMANY)
Gila Bergqvist Ulfung, Development Producer Breidablick (SWEDEN)
Livia Bús, Producer & CEO Belanski Films (HUNGARY)
Méline Engerbeau, Story Architect & Copywriter (FRANCE)
Massimo Garlatti-Costa, Producer/Director Raja Films (ITALY)
Saskia Kagchel, Film Commissioner, Rotterdam Media Commission (NETHERLANDS)
Anna Nevander, Writer/Director/Actor & Founder Kore Film & Transmedia (SWEDEN)
Patrice Nezan, Producer & Founder les films du présent (FRANCE)
Mike Paterson, Producer/Director PFilm (UK)
Tobias Pausinger, Consultant & Business Development (GERMANY)
Christian Popp, Producer docdays productions (GERMANY)
Bernabé Rico, Director/Producer/Actor Talycual Producciones (SPAIN)
Marko Škobalj, Copywriter (CROATIA)
Anne Mette Stevn, International Editor, Egmont Creative Centre (DENMARK)
Alexander von Lukowitz, Producer (GERMANY)
Anders Wik, Project Manager Mediacity (FINLAND)