The Pixel Lab 2010

The Cross-Media Film Workshop

Residential Week: 4 – 10 July 2010
London Forum: 12 – 14 October 2010 (producers with projects only)

with the support of the Media Programme of the European Union, Skillset, TorinoFilmLab, Creative Business Wales, Skillset Academi+  and ARTE. Strategic Partners EAVE and CIRIC.

The first Pixel Lab in 2010 trained 34 European professionals from across the media industries, half of whom were producers attending with a cross-media project. Teaching was led by international cross-media experts through a mixture of project-led group work, presentations, case studies, pitch presentations and one-to-one mentoring during an intensive residential week in July.

After three month’s distance consultancy around audience engagement strategy; marketing and distribution strategy; finance plans on their project, producers were invited to attend Power to the Pixel’s Cross-Media Forum in London in October 2010, and present their projects to potential partners from arts and media organisations.



Since attending the Lab, I’ve managed to win a significant contract to design and deliver a Transmedia project; I wouldn’t have had the confidence or the wherewithal to have done this without the excellent sharing of knowledge that took place at the Lab and subsequently via personal contact with peers and tutors.
Ian Fenton, Writer/Director Lynchpin Productions (UK)

In witnessing the other tutors you also work with, I can see that you have succeeded in attaching to The Pixel Lab the foremost pioneers involved in the cross-media and transmedia field. This makes The Pixel Lab a must-attend course for any producer, writer or storyteller/maker in order to get the best input for their cross-media project, and get it going strong.
Monique de Haas, Audience Engagement Expert, Dondersteen Media – Tutor (NETH)

Thoughtfully structured for learning, very well organised, with tutors of authority and experience. Thank you all for a very exhilarating week.
David McKenna, Executive Producer Cross-Media and Arts RTE (IRE)

I came with a few sides of A4 – and no commissions, funding or partners.  I now have real money on the table for production and development – I’m in talks with my dream brand sponsorship partner, 2 mobile companies are in line for development and commission and we have the promise of screen agency funding for games and production.  We also have secured 100 hours worth of technical development and delivery………..  It’s a great start.

I owe power to the pixel for the chance to make dreamy notions a reality. Thank you.
Justine Potter, Producer participant (UK) The Cupid Concept

Many amazing things happened at the Pixel Lab, beyond its top notch professional organization…But if I have to pick one that moved me the most, it was the sense of generosity, solidarity and support that was generated among the group of participants and experts. I felt we were like pioneers embarked to explore virgin territories and as such we were a community in the making. I am both proud and happy that I was privileged to be a part of it.
Michel Reilhac, Executive Director ARTE France Cinema – Group Leader (FR)