Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum

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Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum

Power to the Pixel

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Power to the Pixel Power to the Pixel

Power to the Pixel

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Power to the Pixel Power to the Pixel

Power to the Pixel

Elemented wins the ARTE International Pixel Market Prize

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Power to the Pixel Power to the Pixel


What Makes Us Unique

Power to the Pixel supports the film and media industries in their transition to a digital age. We specialise in new ways for content creators and businesses to create, finance and distribute stories, build brands and engage with audiences across multiple platforms.

Our understanding of the challenges and opportunities of digital change means Power to the Pixel is an essential bridge between the visionary, the pioneering and the practical.

Over the last few years, The Pixel Lab has proved to be invaluable in the emerging and fastly evolving area of interactive and transmedia production.
Marianne Levy-Leblond - Head of Web Productions & Transmedia Projects, ARTE.tv
The Pixel Lab is critical to shaping the industry and bringing together our peers to define where things go. Power to the Pixel has been instrumental in helping the digital industry and in developing interactive projects in Europe.
Loc Dao - Head of Digital Content & Strategy, NFB Canada
Power to the Pixel continues to be at the forefront of 21st century storytelling. The Pixel Lab program is one of the best in the world bringing together an amazing level of talent every year. It has its fingers on the pulse of innovative storytelling, technology and evolving business models. I always walk away learning something new and exciting.
Lance Weiler - Founder, Reboot Stories
Power to the Pixel is an incredible opportunity for content producers and creators to get deeply inspired by innovators from very diverse horizons. It is an important event to create new contacts leading to potential collaboration or coproduction and to get to know more about different funding possibilities.
Raphaëlle Huysmans - Producer, TOXA
Power to the Pixel is fantastic for discovering projects and connecting with other funders. It is important for me to see how other countries are supporting interactive storytelling and PttP provides an invaluable international forum for sharing information and resources. I never miss it.
Ingrid Kopp - Director of Digital Initiatives, Tribeca Film Institute
Power to the Pixel: The Forum is a confluence of the best storytellers, sharpest minds and the newest ideas in media today.
John S. Johnson - Co-Founder, BuzzFeed and Founder & Executive Director, The Harmony Institute
Power to the Pixel: The Forum was a very useful opportunity to connect with lots of the key players in the online space and discuss the future of cross-platform storytelling and reaching new audiences. It's an important event for the makers and supporters of the future of storytelling to come together, learn together and make new ideas happen.
Charlie Phillips - Head of Documentaries (Multimedia), The Guardian

Power To The Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum

Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum, held in association with the 59th BFI London Film Festival, is a showcase of visionary thinking, practices and models that can be used to create, finance and distribute multi-platform properties that engage today’s audience. It also provides a unique opportunity to network and do business with the leading international innovators, financiers and commissioners of cross-platform projects.

With storytelling at it’s core and a special focus on financing and business models, this year’s event will offer expert knowledge and lively debate on the latest in finance strategies and tangible distribution opportunities, will showcase cutting-edge cross-platform projects and brands and will aid in fostering new inter-industry relationships.



The Forum-breakout session

The Pixel Lab

The Pixel Lab is a development course designed to explore how interactivity and new media tools can add value to film, TV or new media projects and engage new audiences. Spread across four months, The Pixel Lab provides 20 producers with a project and 20 media professionals without, an unrivalled understanding of how to create, finance and distribute projects and how to engage audiences.

The Pixel Lab
The Pixel Lab-working
The Pixel Lab-Audience
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Is International Co-production the Future of Interactive Storytelling?

Margaux Missika, Executive Producer at award-winning production company Upian, presented the session Is International Co-production the Future of Interactive Storytelling? at this year’s Conference. Using projects Generation What and Do Not Track as case studies, Margaux gave an overview of international coproduction for new media in the documentary field. What did they learn,...

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Prototyping with our Audience

Interactive stories and experiences are only good and relevant in the way they are manipulated by the end user. They are conceived for someone to crawl inside, circulate, manipulate, hesitate, move things around, alter, react, lie down, maybe daydream… Prototyping the technology is not enough: we need to prototype...

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Programmatic Beyond Advertising: A Not So Distant Future?

In a context of hyper-abundance, overwhelmed content consumers tend to rely more and more on social or algorithmic recommendation to guide their choices. In this Conference presentation, Catalina Briceño of Canada Media Fund looks at how automation and personalisation, in the same way to what programmatic does for advertising, influences...

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Prototyping the Organisation

In the next of our Conference videos is Ingrid Kopp, Senior Consultant at Tribeca Film Institute. In the presentation Prototyping the Organisation Kopp reflects on what she’s learnt from building the interactive department of the Tribeca Film Institute. Tasked with building a structure to fund and support new forms of storytelling,...

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Using Data to Make the Most Out of Two Ping Pong Balls and an Old Coat

Online data is being mined by brands to understand the conversations around their products and services, to identify new opportunities, and also to guide product planning, marketing, R&D and even M&A. These same techniques can provide valuable insights for film, television and games creators by revealing audience interests, the...

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Combining Empathy and Data to Build the Right Community for Your Work

How does deeply understanding your own motivations, your work and your potential audience help you build the right community around your project? Jon Leland, Director of Strategy and Insights at Kickstarter shares the answers to this in his Conference presentation Combining Empathy and Data to Build the Right Community...

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Power to the Pixel offers consulting for filmmakers, producers, media companies and government organisations around developments in the digital and cross-media fields of the entertainment industry. We focus on new ways to engage audiences, develop projects and brands, find sustainable finance and distribution models, and help clients utilise emerging new media tools.

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