Power to the Pixel helps film and media businesses adapt to stay relevant in an ever-evolving connected world. The company specialises in new ways for media businesses and content producers to create, finance and distribute stories and engage with audiences across multiple platforms.

Headed by Founder & CEO Liz Rosenthal, the company’s London team has a wealth of experience and expertise across film and media development, production and finance, and is linked to a unique network of the leading thinkers, practitioners and innovators who are developing new business and creative opportunities around the world.

Specialising in new ways for content creators and businesses to create and finance stories and engage with audiences across multiple platforms, Power to the Pixel’s core activities are:

  • Providing consultancy to international media organisations, content creators and companies
  • Designing and curating incubators, markets, conferences, think tanks and exhibitions centred around innovative/ interactive/ VR storytelling and business
  • Building international partnerships for media producers, funds and distributors across industries
  • Designing innovative in-house company training programmes and bespoke initiatives

The company’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities of digital change means Power to the Pixel is an essential bridge between the visionary, the pioneering and the practical.