Keynote at Sandbox Immersive Festival 2019

Liz Rosenthal gave a keynote presentation at the Sandbox Immersive Festival (SIF),  the biggest new media festival in China held in Qingdao. SIF is dedicated to promoting interactive and immersive storytelling.
Qingdao Skyline
Liz delivered a keynote presentation on a Distribution and Exhibition Map for Immersive Content. The keynote mapped out how immersive creative content is engaging and reaching audiences across international LBE (location-based entertainment) and online platforms.
The presentation covered who are the players, where are the major locations and distribution platforms, are there “trade routes” that already have been established? As a frequent wanderer in the realms of immersive entertainment, Liz Rosenthal introduced the new world of location-based virtual reality, the up to date version of out of home entertainment.