Liz Rosenthal co-curates Venice VR 2019

The third edition of Venice VR, the most important showcase of creative virtual reality content in the world, commences August 29, 2019.

This year, Venice VR presents several pieces that make use of the latest VR technologies and platforms to create completely new social experiences. They foreshadow the kinds of social VR experiences that are being developed by popular social and gaming platforms like Facebook and Playstation. Visitors of the festival get a unique glimpse into the future of VR entertainment and the kinds of interactive stories we’ll be seeing more of as the new and easy-to-use VR systems become more widespread.

The “VR Island” Lazzaretto Vecchio will have two clearly identified sections: one with all 14 interactive pieces, the stand-ups and the installations. As well as one for all 12 linear pieces competing for the Best Story Award, which is the award for the best linear piece. The ‘Best Of’ section will be more than twice as big as last year with 10 pieces, these pieces are not eligible for competition, then there will be three pieces created as part of the Venice Biennale College program.

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The “VR Island” Lazzaretto Vecchio